How To Manifest Your Dreams

by Samara

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What is the one thing that you want more than anything else in your life? What would it be like to have this desire fulfilled and know that it was all because of what you did or didn’t do? It’s a powerful feeling, isn’t it? Unfortunately, many people don’t even have desires at all. They just go through their lives without any specific goals or dreams. If this sounds like you, then please read on! This blog post will teach you some manifestation techniques so that you can start living the life of your dreams today!

In the first part of this article, I will teach you about some specific things that manifesting experts recommend doing in order to increase your chances of having what you want. In the second half, there are some tips for those who don’t have any desires or dreams yet and would like to find more fulfillment in their lives. Let’s get started!

What is manifestation?

One of the most important steps to manifesting your desires is understanding what it means. You can think of manifestation as a way to bring something into reality that you want or need but don’t have right now. It’s basically any kind of creative visualization technique that helps you imagine yourself with whatever it is you’re wanting in order to create feelings of abundance.

Whether it’s money, a new car, a romantic partner, or even your own business idea, the more you can envision yourself as already having it and feel what that would be like in your life, the more likely it is to manifest into reality.

How does manifestation work?

There are a lot of different ways to manifest what you want, and there’s no one right way that works for everyone (no matter how much we wish there was!). Basically, any technique can be used as long as the person using them believes in their power. So whether you use visualization techniques or affirmations, the secret is to manifest what you want by believing that it can happen.

What is the quickest way to manifest your desires?

If you don’t know where to start with coming up with desires of your own then here are some tips on how to manifest what you want:

1. Set goals

In order to create a life that you love, it is necessary to set goals and work hard for them. For example, just setting the goal of earning more money will start your mind thinking about ways you can earn more money – whether by finding a better job or asking for raises at your current position. Set SMART Goals to help you do this.

(SMART goals = Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time-Based) 

2. Take care of your body

It’s important to take care of your physical body because it is the vehicle that will get you from point A (your current state) to point B (the life of your dreams). Eating well and exercising are just a few ways to start taking better care of yourself.

3. Meditation

Meditation has been found to have many benefits, including reducing stress, increasing self-awareness, and creating a sense of calm. There are many different types to try – but the easiest is just sitting in silence for five minutes (or more!) each day.

4. Practice gratitude

Gratitude exercises can be anything from writing down three things you’re grateful for or having an “appreciation jar.” The idea behind it is to shift your focus from the negative to understanding what you’re grateful for in life.

You can also start a gratitude journal. Every evening, make a prompt list of things you are grateful for from that day and record your thoughts. Or every morning use your gratitude journal to list five things you are grateful for to get your day started on a good note.

5. Find new hobbies

Find a hobby that makes you happy and enjoy it! Put yourself out there, socialize with friends and family members, or find ways to do things that make you feel accomplished.

Manifestation Techniques: Which is the most powerful one?

The most powerful manifestation technique, on a subjective level, is the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that we attract into our lives whatever we think about or focus upon with thoughts and emotions (consciously or unconsciously).

What you put your emotional intensity towards can be thought of as who/what you are attracting to yourself in life.

What you think about, what you focus on and your emotional intensity is the most powerful manifestation technique in this regard because it will attract to yourself whatever embodies those thoughts, feelings, or emotions.

How can we use the law of attraction?

Let’s say that I am someone who believes they are not good enough for something, then my thoughts, feelings, and emotions will be focused on that.

So then I am attracting to me the very thing I don’t want – not being good enough for something. Quite often this is a self-fulfilling prophecy because we feel bad about ourselves so our thoughts are negative which in turn attracts more of what we do not want into our lives.

The law of attraction says that the energy you put out (positive or negative) is what will come back to you. This may be difficult for some people, but it’s not impossible! Try thinking about things that make you happy and write them down on a piece of paper – so they are always with you.

What are the best ways to manifest?

Visualize what you want

Visualization Techniques: This involves sitting down with a pen and paper in front of you and writing down all your desires for yourself, making sure to include vivid descriptions of what they will look like when manifested. I’ve found that it’s a good idea to include the date at which you want your desires manifested as well.

The first step is to make sure you’re focusing on what it is that you want. The universe has a way of making things manifest when we focus on them, and research shows that visualization – imagining yourself in the desired situation or environment – can help with this process. Try taking 15-20 minutes each day for five days before starting your manifestation process to visualize what you want.

Next, identify the emotions that will help manifest your desires – like feeling excited or happy. The idea is that these positive feelings act as a form of fuel for releasing your thoughts into reality.

The third step is identifying and acting on one specific goal at a time (so no multi-tasking!). When you are in the process of manifesting a goal, focus on that one thing and do not think about anything else. This way your thoughts can become fully immersed in it and the universe will start to make moves towards making this happen.

The final step is to always pay attention to signs from the universe – like when something happens or when you see something that triggers a happy memory.

Act as if it is already yours.

This step can be tricky as it involves both action and inaction. You need to take action in the present moment to manifest your desires, but also stay open and receptive to what the universe is presenting you with – including things that may not seem very positive at first. Stay grounded by acknowledging any blocks or fears you have about achieving this goal.

Acknowledge that it is your responsibility to take the first step.

Ask yourself what you want and why do you need it, then feel where those feelings come from deep inside of you. It’s not enough just to go through the motions – tell yourself an empowering story about who can achieve this goal with ease.

You need to feel the emotions, and you will never be able to do that if you are not in touch with your feelings.

Become aware of any blocks or patterns holding you back from achieving what it is you desire – begin a process for releasing these.

Once again, this step can seem difficult but just as an exercise, try to imagine a future where you have already achieved your goal. How does it feel at that moment? What are your thoughts about yourself, the world around you, and others?

Ask for help from friends or family members who support your goals – they can provide valuable feedback on how best to proceed.

Take action by following through with your plan.

Support yourself by taking care of your physical and emotional health, getting enough sleep, etc.

The next step is to take action on the things that you have planned out in order to manifest what it is you want. You need to take small steps each day and try not to focus on a goal too far ahead or get overwhelmed.

Progress is gradual and you need to enjoy the process of achieving what it is that you want in order for it to happen quicker.

journal with 'rewired your brian with positive affirmations' on cover

Practice saying words of affirmation.

Affirmations: This is where you repeat an affirmation over and over, even if you don’t believe in what you’re saying at first. It helps when using affirmations to not only say them but also think about what they are representing as well.

If you want to manifest your desires, then it is important that you have positive words coming out of your mouth. Words are powerful and we tend to project what comes from our thoughts onto the world around us.

Practice saying affirmations about yourself or others as a way to remind yourself how great they are! For example, “I am smart, I will do well,” or “She is beautiful and talented.”

Practice positive self-talk. We are all our own worst critics so try to build yourself up with affirmations.

Be mindful of what you say about others. Negative words can come back as negative thoughts for the person in your life that you are speaking about.

Replace the words you use to describe your desires with positive affirmations. For example, instead of saying “I am fat,” say “My body is healthy and strong.” This will help change how you feel about yourself as well as manifest what it is that you want in life.

Be intentional in your daily life

As you go about your day, take a moment to proactively think of the things that are positives in your life. You can also find ways to be more intentional with what you want in your future by doing activities that align with those desires and goals.

Take care of yourself physically: maintain good eating habits, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep.

Take care of yourself mentally: put time aside for self-care activities like reading a book or going to the park, take proactive steps to manage your stress levels by using methods such as meditation or deep breathing exercises.

Take care of yourself spiritually: make an effort to find peace in what you do by focusing on the present moment rather than worrying about what might happen in the future.

Change your beliefs

The next thing to remember is that you can’t manifest your desires until you believe they are possible. Beliefs have power, and if you don’t think that it’s possible for you to make a change then there won’t be a change.

Believe that your thoughts are powerful. You’re going to have days where the negative voices in your head seem louder than others, but it is important not to give up and just keep trying until they finally fade away.

Expect good things from other people around you. Be open-minded about what can come to you and be willing to give it your all.

Work hard. Make time for what you love, but always work harder than the next person because if this is something that interests you then go after it with everything you have.

Get a coach or mentor. Having someone who has been successful in their endeavors will help keep you on track and it will also be someone you can ask for advice when needed.

Identify what is holding you back. If this goal isn’t even something that interests you, then focus your attention (and energy) elsewhere because the only way to manifest anything in life is by being passionate about achieving it.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you feel like the task is too big, don’t be afraid of asking others who may have more time or resources than you do.

Be patient and trust the process: it takes work and patience but everything worth doing does; when we’re in a hurry things often go wrong!

Surround yourself with like-minded people

There is a high chance that you will get distracted if the people around you are not on board with your goals. This can be even more difficult if those people happen to be family members or friends. It may seem like common sense, but it is still something worth mentioning because this is an important aspect of manifesting your desires successfully and without setbacks.

In order to manifest your desires, you need to be around like-minded people who support and encourage what it is that you want. This will not only make the process easier but also more enjoyable for everyone!

Learn from your failures

This is a great technique to keep in mind if your goal comes with risks and failures. Don’t be afraid of failure; instead, embrace its lessons. Failure can teach us how to do something better the next time around or remind us that what we want may not always work out for everyone.

There are many ways to learn from our mistakes, including taking a break to re-evaluate what you want or need, charting out your goals and how they will be achieved, and brainstorming solutions.

dice spelt out the word vision

Create a vision board

One way to solidify your goals is by creating a vision board. This can be done as part of the goal-setting process or afterward in order to add detail and focus on specific aspects that are important. Using magazines, Pinterest boards, or other creative ways, create images of what you want life to look like when it’s achieved.

The most important aspect of a vision board is the visualization process. You can use any image that represents what you want, whether this is people or places, or things. The point is to make it as detailed and clear as possible so that your mind will work on making them come true in real life! If you’re not sure where to start, you can create a vision board with these steps:

Choose an image that represents your goal. Write down the specific goals you want to achieve and paste them on top of this picture in order to visualize how it will feel when they are achieved.

Cut out images from magazines, create Pinterest boards, or take pictures that represent what you want to happen in your life.

Glue these images onto a large poster board or hang them on the walls. Put it somewhere you will see every day, like your living room wall! You want to become emotionally attached to what you’re visualizing and make it as real in front of your eyes.

If you’re a digital person, be sure to schedule some time every day to look at your Pinterest boards.

Repeat this process for three weeks without changing anything about the goal.

If you need a specific date for the goal to be achieved, put it in your calendar. This has been proven effective at keeping people motivated on their goals!

Remember, when it comes to visualization and vision boards:

Be specific: what are the specific things you want to manifest?

Set a date by which your goal should be achieved. When do you plan on having these goals manifested into your life?

Make it Emotional. How does this make you feel in order for it to become real and tangible to you? What is one thing that excites or thrills you about the goal? Think about your ultimate dream life!


Write down your desires in a journal first. Even if it’s just one sentence, this will help get everything out of your head so that you can work on the next steps. If you write something like “I wish I had more money” then take time to explore and think about why you need or want more money.

What are some things you would do with the extra money? How about “I want to manifest a new car”? Write down what kind of car, how much it costs and why that’s your dream vehicle.

You may be surprised with what you come up with…

This is your opportunity to daydream about the life of your dreams. What would it look like? Who might drive that kind of car? How does their life feel different from yours right now? Get as detailed and descriptive as possible!


If you want to manifest your desires in life it’s important to have a clear vision of what you want. These steps will help jump-start the process and get everything out on paper so that you’re prepared for the next steps!

The most difficult step is often figuring out exactly what we want or need, which is why taking time now to do your daydreaming is so important.

Now that you know the steps and have a clear vision of what you want, it’s time to take action! Ask yourself: What can I do now? How long will each step in this process take me? When am I going to start working on these tasks for real?

Just remember, manifesting does not mean sitting back and waiting for things to happen. You have to be willing to put in your time and effort. It may not happen right away, but if you have patience and remain dedicated to the process it will manifest eventually.

The answer may come from within yourself or someone else might suggest an idea that blows up into something big. The important thing is that you are taking the first step and then following up with action.

The only way to prove this process works, however, is by doing it! So give yourself permission to dream big today. You never know what might happen if you take a chance on your deepest desires.

It may seem overwhelming at first but stay focused and you will manifest your desires in no time!

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