Free Habit Tracker Printable

by Samara

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free habit tracker printable

Do you want to start tracking your habits, but just don’t know where to start? This free habit tracker printable will help you reach your goals.

In order to reach long-term goals, most people find it necessary to break them down into smaller pieces. This tool is a simple behavior tracker that allows you to break up behaviors and track progress towards those “personalized goals.” 

Whether you are trying to change your favorite habit or improve an area of your life that could use some love, this tool covers all the basics for what you need. You’ll be able to focus on the process as a whole instead of getting stuck in the weeds while also building accountability with yourself and time management skills. 

This free habit tracker printable I’m going to share does the tough work for you. Setup couldn’t be easier; simply print off a copy and start filling it out with a pen!

Some people may say, but can’t I just download a habit tracking app? Sure you can! But honestly, there’s something about writing things down with pen and paper that makes it fun and motivating! 

With this free printable habit tracker, you can easily track your habits and see if they are improving. Remember that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit for better health or other areas of life. So don’t give up! If you’re struggling with any specific area of life, take some time to document it and make an intentional effort to improve on it the best way you can. If you need some support on this journey towards improved self-care, ask a friend or loved one to become your accountability partner to keep you focused.

Why you need this habit tracker

  • Easy to use and aesthetically pleasing
  • Great way to increase productivity and happiness
  • Helps you track your habits and reach goals
  • Keeps you motivated when you see your progress
  • Unlock untapped potential and become your best self
  • Create powerful habits to reach your goals
  • Make tracking quick with this one page printable
  • Free to download

Examples of habits to track

  • Track your food intake
  • Track your sleep habits
  • Track how much water you drink each day
  • Track the number of hours you spend on social media per day
  • Track how often you exercise
  • Track your reading habits
  • Track how often you journal

Supplies you’ll need

How to use this free habit tracker printable

  1. Download the free PDF file below
  2. Open the PDF in Adobe Reader (free to download here)
  3. Go to File, then Print. Under the Page Sizing & Handling section, select ‘Fit’. This will adjust the printable area to fit the paper size selected.
  4. Print as many copies as you need.
  5. Start tracking habits!

I hope you find this free habit tracker printable helpful. Share this post with your friends and on Pinterest! 🙂

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free habit tracker printable

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