by Samara

About Essence Diary

Essence Diary is a personal finance blog that covers the basics of budgeting, saving, investing, and financial planning. As a young millennial who has made many financial mistakes, I made the decision to empower myself to get my financial life in order.

Essence Diary is an unbiased information hub and our goal is to help you make your own educated decisions to create the life of your dreams.

About Samara

Samara Cammock, Founder & Managing Editor

Hi! I’m Samara Cammock. My goal is to teach people how to build good financial habits and create generational wealth.

I am a personal finance nerd who loves learning, reading about money, and teaching others the best ways of making their finances work for them. I have learned over time that when you take small steps towards your goals they are easier to achieve than if you wait until later in life to tackle larger issues like debt or saving for retirement.

I help people get their financial house in order by teaching them how to build good money habits, save more money, make smarter decisions with their finances so they can live the life they want to lead!

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