14 Easy Tips On How To Save Money Fast

by Samara

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how to save money fast

It’s not easy to save money in today’s economy. With everyday living costs going up and salaries staying the same, it can be hard to make ends meet each month. But there are many simple ways on how to save money fast, without having to give up your lifestyle! I’m a big believer in living life on your own terms – and saving money is just one way of doing this.

There are plenty of ways to save money and we’re here to help you find them! You have the opportunity to become a smarter spender, which will in turn create more savings. There’s no reason not to take advantage of these tips for saving money today.

Here are 14 tips for how to save money fast today!

1. Use coupons

We’re all familiar with how coupons can save you money. Whether it’s for a restaurant, movie tickets, or even groceries, they are one of the easiest ways to start saving some cash! There are plenty of websites where you can search and find coupon codes for your favorite stores.

If there is an item that you know will come up in your grocery list, just do a quick search for coupons and you might find one! Apps like Ibotta and Rakuten can help you save money on your everyday purchases.

2. Drink water instead of buying juice or soda

Drinking a lot of water is good for you but it’s also an easy way to save money because it costs less than buying juice or soda!

Here are some tips on how to start this habit:

  • Buy a reusable bottle and fill up with filtered tap water at home
  • Carry your own container in the car so that you are always ready for a bottle of water without having to spend money on it

3. Shop at discount stores

It’s a good idea to try this once in a while. You might find some really amazing deals and it will make you feel like you’re getting away with something too!

4. Buy in bulk

You can buy big bags of food that will last for weeks, and when you’re about to run out, go ahead and make another bulk purchase. You’ll save a lot by buying in bulk!

5. Eat at home more often, rather than going for expensive takeout dinners

It may feel like a smarter idea to order take-out food but you’ll eventually see the difference in your savings and how much better it feels to not have that bill every week.

Eating at home is a great way to save money and you can make healthy, delicious meals that are just as good or better than the ones from restaurants.

6. Re-purpose items that you already have

You can always find a way to reuse things, so don’t worry about spending money on something you’ll only use once.

7. Pay off any credit card debt or loans quickly so you don’t incur high interest rates

Paying off any debt will save you money in the long run and not having high interest rates make it easier to live a more comfortable life.

8. Sell unwanted items for cash

If there are clothes, furniture, or anything else you no longer need you can sell it for cash online or in person.

You’ll get money and someone else will be able to have an item they actually want which is a win-win situation!

9. Use cash  instead of your credit card whenever possible

This will save you money in the long run by not having to pay high interest rates on a credit card.

It also gives you more control of how much you’re spending because it has to be paid off right away, so making impulse purchases becomes difficult which can help with budgeting and saving money fast.

10. Use a grocery budget to track how much you spend on food each week

Having a grocery budget can save you tons of money because it can encourage you to only buy what is on the list. This also makes making impulse purchases difficult because if they’re not on the list, then there’s no way for them to be purchased without thinking about how much money will need to come out of your grocery budget for that week.

11. Get rid of unnecessary subscription services

Most of the time, we don’t even use these services and are just paying for them because they’re there. It’s worth spending some time to go through your monthly budget and see how much you spend on subscriptions that aren’t being used.

12. Sign up for rewards and loyalty programs at your favorite stores

Most stores have some type of rewards system and it can’t hurt to sign up for one of these. Sometimes the rewards might not be much, but anything is better than nothing! Plus you’ll get a sense of how often they’re sending out deals which will make your shopping experience even more satisfying because you know when the good sales are coming up.

13. Cut the cord

The cable cord, that is. If you’ve been a cable subscriber for years and don’t watch most of the channels, it might make sense to give in to your urge to cut the cord. There are plenty of sites that offer free streaming services like Crackle or Pluto TV which can be used in place of expensive monthly subscriptions.

14. Open a high yield savings account

Open up an account with an online bank or credit union instead of one of those big banks from a large corporation. They usually offer better rates because they’re not trying to compete as much for customers and you’ll get more personal attention too. Make sure the interest rate is high enough to make a difference in your savings balance.

CIT Bank offers some of the best interest rates on their Savings Connect accounts.

Saving money can be difficult and time-consuming. The majority of the tips we’ve discussed are simple changes that anyone can make. All you have to do is set aside a little extra each month for your savings account, take advantage of discounts when they arise or stop wasting food.

By implementing these 14 easy ways to save money fast into your life, you will no doubt see an increase in your bank balance! Which tip has been most helpful for saving on monthly expenses?

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